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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Adsense Account Approval India

Wondering how to get approval for your Google Adsense account in India? The process for Google Adsense account approval in India isn’t as difficult as many people would have you believe. In fact, it’s quite easy and straightforward.

In order for you get approval for your Adsense account in India, you need to take note of some general requirements Google demands you adhere to. Remember, these requirements aren’t just going to help you with getting your Google Adsense account approved, it’s also going to help you actually make money online.

Requirements For Google Adsense Approval India

Have you finally decided to earn money online in India? Before telling you about the requirements you’re going to have to fulfill, it’s important that you know that there aren’t any shortcuts – there isn’t any way to make money online in India without investment of a little money and a lot of your time.

Google Adsense Account Approval in IndiaRest assured, you can earn a lot of money on the Internet using just Google Adsense for advertising. The Adsense account approval trick everybody keeps talking about isn’t to pay somebody to get your account approved; it is to put in some hard work.

Below mentioned are some essential Google Adsense account approval tips for bloggers and webmasters in India who are serious about making money online:

Own a website and/or blog.

If you want to use Google Adsense to earn money online in India, then you’re going to need to setup a blog, or website. Take the time out to find out how to create a blog in India if you don’t already know about it.

If you’re just getting started then you should probably go ahead and use WordPress. Most people would suggest opting for BlogSpot, but you will eventually shift to WordPress in all probability – it’s better to get started sooner.

Google has also outlined specific instructions for people residing in India and China.

In some locations, including China and India, we also require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

There is a good reason why Google has chosen to treat people from these countries with additional scrutiny, but that discussion will have to be restricted to another article.

In the meanwhile, you should know that merely buying a domain name, or signing up for a blogging account isn’t going to be enough. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

High quality content can get you approval within a matter of hours.

Did Google deny, or disable, your Adsense account? Most bloggers and webmasters in India have been wasting their time discussing the biases held by the search giant. While this may be true, it is inconsequential to this context.

The fact of the matter is that for Google to display ads on your website, or blog, it needs to know whether the traffic, i.e. the visitors, are actually interested in the products, services, or messages, that the advertiser is advertising.

The better the quality of your content, i.e. your articles, images, videos, etc., better the chances for you to receive high quality contextually relevant traffic. This is the kind of traffic Google is interested to get to click on the ads it places on your website, or blog.

Those visitors who aren’t particularly interested in any one subject, product, or service, have a significantly lower inclination to take real interest. Advertisers would like to pay for only those people who are actually interested in their promotions, and it is Google’s job to safeguard their interests above your own.

If you are serious about making money online in India you must make the effort involved to generate high quality content on your chosen subject(s). You would also need to do so consistently for all major search engines to rank you higher on their search engine results pages, commonly abbreviated as SERPs.

Complete mailing information

If you want to signup for an Adsense account you will need to have a valid mailing address. Google doesn’t offer webmasters in India the facility of wire transfers, so you’re stuck with getting checks in the mail, which can take anywhere between 10 days and 2 months depending on your location within India. Thankfully, the checks are sent already converted in the Indian rupee at an acceptable conversion rate.

Site design and navigation

As mentioned earlier, Google doesn’t want its brand name attached to sub-standard websites, or blogs. All accounts are manually approved, which is why you must ensure the basic elements are in place.

A functional navigation bar and decent content presentation are only some of the many factors taken into account. Ensure that you don’t apply with an incomplete site, without much content. It’s best to be up and running, rather than face rejection.

Unsupported languages

The Adsense program doesn’t extend to all languages. In case you’re using a particular regional language, take a look at this list of supported languages before applying. As you will also notice, Adsense doesn’t support even Hindi at the moment. However, it is safe to speculate that it will soon given the exponential growth of Indian cyberspace.

Compensation-based sites

Google clearly states in its terms and conditions, that if an applicant’s site participates in programs that provide compensation to people who perform activities that drive traffic to their sites, then such applicants will have their applications rejected.

Put simply, you have to earn the traffic you receive on your site, rather than lure them their by providing direct, or indirect compensation.

Presence of other contextual advertising.

If you’re already running another contextual script on your site, then your application will definitely be rejected. Programs like Adbrite, Clicksor, and Yahoo aren’t allowed to run side-by-side with Adsense ads. Remove any such advertising from your site before you even begin filling out your application.

Also, don’t worry about loosing out on some money by removing other contextual advertising programs from your site; it is widely accepted that the Adsense program offers the best cost per click among all other similar networks.

The procedure for Google Adsense account approval in India isn’t difficult. You just need to ensure that you are patient, and willing to invest some time and hard work in your blog, or website. Since you’ll obviously be applying for your account from India, try making sure that your site it at least 6 months old.

You should note that this restriction isn’t written in stone, and is frequently over looked for high-quality sites that provide real value to its audience. Don’t fall prey to all those ads promising you instant Adsense account approval in India for a one-time payment – it is a hoax.

And even if it does work out, be aware that Google regularly performs automatic and manual reviews of its publishers. If you are discovered, your account will be disabled, and all subsequent account applications will never meet with approval.

If you’re serious about your desire to make money online in India, then don’t worry about the approval of your Adsense account. Focus on building a useful site, and you will get your Google Adsense account approval without any hassles for free.

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