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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Attitude Towards Your Brand

Consumers’ choice differs from person to person. Based upon their choices decisions are made. A brand becomes popular only when consumers create likeliness for the product/service. Based upon the 4 P’s the consumer behavior changes. The price determines the buying capacity of a consumer, the product/services create the need and the ability to satisfy it, place determines where to buy the product/service and the availability for the product/service and finally promotion decides about the quantity to buy the product/service based upon the media used to create awareness. 

 Attitude Towards Your Brand

When the consumer buys the product/service it is important to know more about brand also it brings in the other factors that enables a consumer to buy it. The consumer also behaves differently based on various factors namely their attitude (towards the product/service), motivation (what motivates them to buy the product/service), perception (their understanding about the product/service), belief (to trust the product/service or not), knowledge (more information about the product/service) and finally their personality (this determines about the character towards the product/service).

There are various attributes that makes a consumer choose different brands it can be due to their past experience, traditional views, advertisements, attractive brand name or packaging. An advertisement creates a huge impact in a consumers mind. It decides about how the product/service is different from their competitors even though they produce the same. An advertisement is to create a strong association for a product/service which can be done by persuading them to buy and to increase consumption for the organization.  An advertisement helps in forming up new ideas to encourage consumers. It decides upon creating the need and expectations of consumers and showcasing them by fulfilling it and finally making them buy. 

An advertisement can give positive and negative perceptions. Positive perceptions like the new Coca- Cola Ad which focused upon open happiness which can be found within their family and friends, has made it unique from its competitors Pepsi, Miranda, Mountain Dew etc. this has brought a positive image and a strong association of happiness that is spread, hence the consumers perception for the product/service changes and increases the consumption for Coca- Cola rather than any other soft drink in India. Then is the Amaron Batteries that brought in a new idea and made consumers use this rather than another as lasts longer this changed the buying behavior of consumer, the advertisement had the same story of the hare and tortoise but that changed the impact for using car batteries in India. Today Amaron batteries are second in the market for selling batteries. Negative perceptions are created due the negative ads which give hundreds of reasons bad about the brand like the Dominos advertisement where god was happily having Dominos pizza so gifted every family with twins this is an illogical advertisement which changed the consumer behavior during that time.

Consumption process also changes based upon the brand name. A brand is actually a logo, a name, a slogan or a design that is associated with a product/service. It differs based upon the basic brands for necessity needs or for luxury needs. Brand name has a huge influence for buying a product/service. When a consumer chooses a luxury brand a lot of ground work has to be done. This is to understand the alternatives available. It is also to know how beneficial it is for the consumer. Arriving at one alternative can be due to a lot of reasons namely the brand name, popularity, the value for the product/service which satisfies the consumer to buy. 

When such a decision is made it is also important for the organization to know the satisfaction rate of consumers- the feedback process. It is to know if the consumer will repurchase the product/service again or not. Luxury product/services are not only important for satisfaction but also important to increase the value of the brand name. This is a very important aspect whereas for a necessity product/services brands are important only when certain criteria are satisfied based upon the income for a consumer. Every kirana store nearby the house can sell product/services with or without a brand name. A common brand name sets a particular price more than the local brands. This is when necessity comes into the picture that is a brand is not considered important by the consumer and therefore the consumption differs. Usually the branded product/services costs are higher and certain consumers prefer not to use them itself. But when consumer prefer or change for branded product/services it is due to the quality, packaging, cleanliness etc. which are responsible for this kind of change.

Consumer preference for a product/service is different based on an advertisement and also a brand name. A brand name influences the product’s overall sales, profit and value whereas an advertisement decides about the attitude, consumption, personality towards a brand. Both are interrelated, organizations have to take care of both a sensible, unique brand name and also logical advertisements so that the competition is more and product is considered unique which is more favorable by consumers. The consumers’ voice decides about the overall product in the market for others also.

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