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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Google Adsense Alternatives In India

If you’re in India, and want to earn money online, then Google Adsense has probably been your best option to do it. However, what happens if you don’t get the much-coveted Google Adsense account approval? Or even worse, your Adsense account is disabled?

There could be a number of reasons for failing to get approval for your account. Similarly, there could be numerous causes for your account being disable by the Google Adsense team.

Google Adsense Alternatives IndiaEither way, you need to make use of the best Google Adsense alternatives in India if you wish to continue making money online. There are many great alternatives for anybody who can’t use Google Adsense, whatever the reason may be.

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Below mentioned you will find a list of the best alternatives. Remember to signup to them immediately if you don’t want to loose any money.

Top Google Adsense Alternatives In India

All the alternatives listed here have been carefully selected. They offer Indian bloggers and webmasters the best earnings for their ad inventory. Make it a point to signup to them right here, right now.

Text Link Ads

Among all the Adsense alternatives in India, Text Link Ads is undoubtedly the best. In fact, it will make you a lot more money than the flagship Google program.

Text Link AdsYou should signup to this program immediately to increase your earnings. The process is quite simple. All you have to do is to place a short line of code on your blog, or website, and Text Link Ads will manage the rest.

Publishers are paid every single month for the text links that are places on their sites. The fact that your earnings can only increase any given month, is what makes this platform preferred by many publishers across the world.

Since thousands of publishers already use this service, there are thousands of advertisers also taking advantage of what this platform has to offer.

If you’re serious about making a living on the Internet, you must signup to this service today.

Some of the benefits you wouldn’t find anywhere else include:

Access to the world’s largest marketplace with thousands of advertisers who want to place their text ads on sites like yours.

The advertisers found on this platform are high quality and offer great incentives to all publishers
Text Link Ads also offers contextually relevant links for maximizing your earnings potential.
The support staff is very helpful. If you any issues, or doubts, they are available 24 hours a day to help you out.

This service offers its publishers the potential to earn even more money than Google Adsense.
Payments are promptly sent out on the first of every month without any fees charged.

While Text Link Ads is the best among all the Google Adsense alternatives in India, it certainly isn’t the only one. The next platform also has a lot to offer Indian webmasters and bloggers looking for alternatives.

Among all the advertising networks found online, Adbrite is definitely one of the best alternatives. It is fundamentally an ad exchange where advertisers can bid to place advertising on your blog, or website.

Once entered onto the system, you can make a lot of money by simply allowing advertisers to place their advertisements on your site.

The companies you’ll find advertising through this network are quite good. They offer publishers a great CPC and CPM rate. While the inventory isn’t as large as the market leader, it is certainly well worth your time.

Payments aren’t a problem when you consider the Adbrite ad exchange program. Publishers have only good things to say about the payment schedule, with all publishers receiving their payments on time, month-after-month.

What really separates this program from all the others is the smart, intuitive system that manages the relationship between your site and the advertiser(s).

While the earnings are not as high as Google Adsense (only Text Link Ads can make that claim), they are certainly good. If you can’t participate in the Adsense network any longer, then you should definitely go ahead and register your site(s) with Adbrite today.


Chitika IndiaAlmost every Indian blogger and webmaster has heard of Chitika. This program is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives available to counteract the absence of the Google advertising platform.

Chitika offers Indian bloggers and webmasters the opportunity to earn money online in India using a novel approach that hasn’t been seen before – advertisements are only shown to relevant search engine traffic.

Advertising is shown based on what users type into a search engine to arrive at your site. This ingenious method ensures that all the ads your users see on your blog, or website, are directly related to what they themselves are interested to know more about.

Some publishers have found Chitika to be even better than Google Adsense, producing competing, if not higher, earnings. Here are some of the factors that make Chitika one of the best alternatives to almost any platform available online:

Chitika is the only existing platform that actually knows when not to show an ad to a user. This ensures that you don’t lower your CTR, and thereby the profitability of your site in the eyes of advertisers around the world.
In fact, you can also use this service with Google Adsense already running on your site. Since the ads delivered by Chitika aren’t contextual, it does not violate the Google terms and conditions in any way.

Receiving payments is quite straightforward via this platform. The minimum payout for Paypal is only $10, and for checks it is only $50.
If you don’t want to, or just can’t use Adsense on your site anymore, Chitika is an excellent alternative to continue making profit from your web properties.


Bidvertiser IndiaThis is another excellent example of how other ad networks also offer publishers the opportunity to make a substantial amount of money online in India.

There are a number of benefits that separate BidVertiser from all the other similar alternatives found on the Internet. Following are some of the advantages you wouldn’t find with most other advertising platforms online:

BidVertiser pays you for every time a visitor clicks an ad, but unlike other services, it also pays you extra for every time that click results in a conversion.

By default, Bidvertiser will always display the ad that offers you the most money. By ensuring that only the highest bidders are allowed to place their ads on your site, this system helps you maximize your earnings potential.

As your time with the Bidvertiser network passes, you will notice your site getting even higher bids. This is because a growing number of advertisers bid for advertising on your blogs, and websites.
All the ads you place on your site can be customized to compliment the appearance and navigation of your site. This is especially helpful to avoid scaring away your visitors from a site excessively populated with advertising.

You can also generate detailed performance and conversion reports to find out which ads are doing well and should be retained, and which ones should be removed.

Payments are an easy part of working with BidVertiser. You can receive your earnings through wire transfer, check, and even Paypal with a minimum payout of only $10.

Among all the Google Adsense alternatives in India, BidVertiser definitely deserves its inclusion on this list, for offering Indian bloggers and website owners high earnings.

Many Indian publishers continue to take advantage of the many benefits provided by BidVertiser.

But that isn’t it, there are many good Indian digital ad networks that also offer publishers the opportunity to make money online in India, and also serve as worthwhile Google Adsense alternatives in India.


Komli IndiaThis platform offers only elite Indian publishers the opportunity to monetize their sites using CPM and CPC ads. It is undoubtedly the leading Indian online ad network in the world today, and is a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Besides offering advertising for publishers, Komli also offers a host of other products and services to Indian and international publishers and advertisers.

Established in 2006 with its offices in Mumbai, Komli has great customer support. They offer wire transfers once you reach the payout amount of Rs. 800.

They also offer all the typical ad sizes you have come to expect with Google Adsense. This will allow you to easily fill in all the real estate on your site profitably.

Komli pays for both, the number of clicks as well as the impressions you get on your site. However, they don’t pay too well. The combined rates offered by Komli are quite abysmal.

Ideally, Indian bloggers and webmasters should only opt for Komli if they run out of better alternatives, or if you have some empty real estate you wouldn’t mind earning a little money with.

Social Media Exchange

SMXchange, originally formed as Axill, can also be used by webmasters looking for effective Google Adsense alternatives in India.

Much like Komli, the amount they offer is quite low. The obvious reason for placing Social Media Exchange below Komli is that SMXchange has mediocre support.

One quick search on Google, and you’ll find a number of forums with publishers complaining about the performance of this network. You’re best off signing up for it only if out of other alternatives.


Infolinks IndiaMany bloggers and webmasters in India use Infolinks as an alternative to Adsense. The earnings found with Infolinks aren’t bad at all, in fact, they will probably be higher than what Komli will give you.

This service is an excellent alternative to Adsense in India for quite a few reasons. Here are some of the leading reasons why Infolinks is used by many Indian blogs and websites today:

Publishers get to keep 70% of the money paid by the advertiser. That’s one of the highest margins in the industry today.

Infolinks has a great click through rate (CTR) since it has in-text ads which are contextually relevant to your content.

A number of large international brands also make use of this platform to promote their products and services to a global audience.

All the ads delivered by this service are deeply related to the content making it more preferable by your visitors.

Since you can also determine the maximum number of in-text ads on a page, you can control the level of advertising you want to populate your content with.
Since these ads don’t appear until someone scrolls over a particular word, or phrase, users don’t get distracted unnecessarily.

Implementation is very convenient and easy. All you have to do is to place a short line of code on your site, and Infolinks handles the rest.
The problem arises when you’re actually trying to get higher rankings on popular search engines, including Google and Bing.

While there are no proven case studies showing that Infolinks has detrimental consequences for your search engine rankings, many publishers have found it to be so.

Just to be safe, you should only use Infolinks if you don’t run Google Adsense on your site. Most bloggers and webmasters have found their Adsense CPC falling tremendously when running Infolinks and Google Adsense together.

Infolinks is a good alternative to Adsense, but among all the other Google Adsense alternatives in India, it should not be used while you have the latter already functional on your site. After all, too much advertising on one page isn’t good for your audience, and eventually, nor is it good for you.

Ozone Media

According to recent reports from blog and website owners in India, Ozone Media is quietly, but steadily, become the most preferred domestic ad network.

Formed in 2006, Ozone Media now has over 3000 publishers who have partnered with it. They have some of the largest advertisers in the Indian market space as their clients.

One look at the companies that advertise using Ozone Media, and you will know why this network has a significant advantage over other Indian networks, including Komli.

Publishers associated with this media outlet have found it to offer significantly better CPM and CPC figures than almost every other Indian platform.

Unfortunately, publishers don’t get a dedicated dashboard to manage their accounts. While this is definitely a major disadvantage, the rates offered warrant its inclusion of this list of alternatives to Google Adsense in India.

The payment process is quite straightforward. Payments are issued within a maximum of 90 days, and can be received via electronic wire transfer.

If you want to signup to this network, be prepared for a cryptic signup form that offers you no details of the requirements they expect potential partners to fulfill.

Despite a few shortcomings, Ozone Media is definitely a great alternative to Google Adsense for Indian blogs and websites.

In conclusion, you should know that while there are quite a few great alternatives for Adsense available to bloggers and webmasters in India, none of them can match the earning potential of the flagship Google advertising program for Indian blogs and websites.

The fact of the matter is that Google has a larger inventory from the largest advertisers in the world through its Adwords program.

It is without a doubt the best way to earn money online in India. However, if you’re really looking for alternatives, then the above mentioned networks are definitely the best choices available.

The above listed networks and programs are definitely the best Google Adsense alternatives in India. Nevertheless, you should try and test them on your own site(s) to find out which one offers the best returns.

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