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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

How Affiliate Marketing Has Worked For Me

How Affiliate Marketing Has Worked For Me

The affiliate sites that I have been successful with include Jvzoo, Payspree, Amazon and Clickbank. I have also been successful with some in-house affiliate software making programs.

Since I am fully into the make money niche, I promote internet marketing tools like WordPress themes and plugins. There are new good tools that is being released everyday and so there is always money to make everyday.

I also promote online money making programs and courses. There are quality products being released on Clickbank. I just look out for products with quality landing pages, good feedback and low refunds rate.

I have a personal blog that I operate using an alias. This is to make sure I target people out there in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe. You can’t really make much if you promote to people here in Nigeria because most Nigerians don’t have access to PayPal which is the preferred payment processor for most offers.

Konga and Jumia are good affiliate programs and i am just getting into that now. As a Nigerian, you can promote their products through social media, your own personal store etc.

I have some loyal subscribers and followers and using the 10 models of online marketing, I have created a loyal fan base that buy my offers when they read my blog and get my weekly emails.

Using email marketing means I make money from my loyal subscribers who I have developed a relationship with. Also using paid methods of marketing also means I make money everyday from interested buyers.

I make money every time I send out my newsletter and offers. Creating quality content is always a good way to get people to relate to you and your brand.

I also have a thriving social media community. My Facebook page I use for my affiliate money pages now has close to 2,000 fans. Not a lot but this is a page built up with real people who liked the page.

I did not do any Facebook ads buying or anything. I built it same way I built my local Facebook fan page which has almost 3,000 fans. Pure fans who liked my page because they really liked it not some bought fake fans.

I also have quality plugins. I have more than 10 premium plugins for use to steal traffic, clone websites, jack busy websites, get subscribers or add affiliate links to videos. Those tools let me make more money with affiliate marketing without breaking sweat.

With just one offer, i sometimes rake in hundreds of dollars a day and i have hundred of offers on my affiliate sites. I used to operate many affiliate sites or micro-niche websites when I started but prune that down to two after the Google updates.

I have an internet marketing blog and a video review blog. Its all I need and they are what makes me lots of money every month.

Many people have asked me how I have been able to combine affiliate marketing, creating products and selling stuffs on Fiverr and i always tell them that its because affiliate marketing is about the easiest way to make money online.

Once you set up your website and add tools you need, you only need some few minutes or hours to write a post on your blog and send affiliate offers to your subscribers. Few minutes or hours of work can earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So you have time to do other things like doing some other online models.
I will continue to do affiliate marketing for a long time. Its so easy and yet the reward is high. All you need to do is start with all the steps I outlined in this free eBook and start smiling to the bank too.

How to Get Started

Starting an affiliate marketing business is very easy and you can start right away.

Important things you should focus on:
1.     Learn to build quality website.
2.     Write quality reviews of products
3.     Select good products in the niche that you will be promoting.
4.      Learn to do quality promotions to get buyers to click on your link
5.     Get the right tools to increase your commissions.

One thing is for sure with affiliate marketing -You have nothing to lose to give it a try. You don’t have to pay anything to get approved and you can make lots of money in return.

Now go ahead and start promoting offers and make money. What you just learnt are the basic stuffs and its everything you need to get started.

Note…You need to do more research at this point. There are some things you have to learn and apply. I don’t expect you to come flooding my mails with questions cause I might be busy.

You need to learn and figure somethings out on your own. I am a very busy person and I believe I have been able to show you things you need to know as long as affiliate marketing is concerned.

Just follow the plan, get a domain name, hosting, upload WordPress, add content, build a social media presence and get some affiliate marketing tools. If you follow the plan, then you will earning big bucks everyday like I do without working so hard.

Also note at first you need to work hard. I can work few hours a day or not work at times and still make commissions on my posts and pages. But it wasn’t always like this. At the beginning, I had to work hours to set up my blogs and add content.

I learnt the hard way maybe that’s why it was not so easy when I started. I had to learn lots of things on my own. But now I am all smiles when I open my PayPal account in the morning and check my Payoneer bank account at the end of the month.

If you want to fast  track the learning process and get more detailed video course on affiliate marketing,  then you can get my premium affiliate marketing program called Affiliate Code System. I also have a program on making money with Aliexpress called Aliblueprint Program.


There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing and you better get to work now and join the party.

Its about the easiest method of online money making like I said before. All you need to do is learn it, apply it and then get paid.

In fact the affiliate marketers are top earners online and for good reason. They only need to get paid for someone else’s work. They don’t have to create a product or anything. They just get half of the product owners share just like that.

I mean as an affiliate marketer, you could earn more than the product owner himself and you don’t have to create product, design sales pages and all that. The product owner does all that.

So I hope you like this report and I hope you put the information here to good use. Note that you can only be successful with this if you apply things you have learnt.

Its not enough to just know how its done in theory, you must apply it before you get paid.

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