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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

How to Avoid or Minimize Bad or Negative Ratings on Fiverr

Fiverr has a star-based rating system that enables buyers to rate Gigs with up to five stars for the following three key indicators:

    Seller response time (how quickly the seller responded and delivered)
    Service as expected (did the service meet expectations set by the description)
    Buy again or recommend (indicating how satisfied buyers were with the final product)

How to Avoid or Minimize Bad or Negative Ratings on Fiverr

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I think as a great seller its a good thing cause it helps separate the bad sellers from the good ones. Some sellers are just not good enough and its wise to separate the bad ones from the good. But not all negative rating is because the seller did a bad job. It could be due to late deliveries, misunderstanding, frustration of the part of the buyer etc.

To be a top seller on Fiverr, you have to make sure you maintain a 100% rating and that is the ultimate goal of any seller who wants to be on fiverr at least for a long time. To achieve that you need to make sure you avoid a bad rating.

Maintaining a 100% rating also makes you an authority in your niche. With an 100% rating and great reviews, buyers would trust you and that means you will continue to get jobs and make more money.

Just 1 mess-up, your account would lose its 100% rating and the negative review that would be slapped onto your gig and the resultant hit to your profile as a whole would leave a bad taste in your mouth.

So its important you know how to avoid bad reviews or at least minimize the chances of it happening.

Here is How to Minimize or Avoid Bad Rating…

1. Provide Quality Service… This is just why the rating system was set up in the first place. To reward great sellers. Great sellers provide quality service. If you are good at whatever you do, then you will be rewarded with good rating and reviews. Buyers love sellers who deliver exactly what they need and what the seller assured.

Do quality job and you will be able to maintain your 100% rating at least as far as quality job is concerned.

2. Add Details in Your Descriptions…. This sometimes is the reason why you could get bad rating apart from quality of the job done. Make sure you add whatever you do or don’t do in your descriptions to avoid misunderstanding. Some buyers find it difficult to understand what a gig title says. They just order and when they get something different, they get angry and the result is a negative rating.

This is an example of a description and this can be used for any service…. Check this out


If you have any issues or complaints, please don’t leave a negative review, rather, kindly message me so we can work things out.

If you want a simple yet stylish logo, You can apply.
You’ll get following services each for 5$

IMPORTANT: Discuss the FONT before placing order.

>High Quality design from low quality logo.
>Vector designing
>Re-designing Basic logo from a already designed logo (Extra charges on complex designs, discuss before placing order)
>Editing a logo.
>Adding/Changing Text

Single Revision is allowed

Contact for Polite, friendly and efficient service.

Basic $5 includes 1024px wide jpg and png files
Check gig extras for more formats and sizes.

ORDER NOW AND keep calm while i design your Order!!!!

Always use modification privilege if you want any change or modification in your design. Otherwise no modification will be offer for just Order status update.”

Now that’s a good description you could add to your gig description. Everything you do and don’t do is clearly spelt out. This can greatly reduce your chances of getting negative ratings.

3. If You Would Finish Late, Let the Buyer Know…. If you are having problems completing an order in time, reach out to the buyer and politely explain to him that his order would be delivered late. Simply clarify and most of the time, the buyer would understand.

4. Don’t go Offline for Days Without Checking Your Orders… If you are going to be away for some time, then put your gig on vacation mode. Sometimes, you might be going on vacation or maybe you need to attend that friend’s wedding or its your own wedding. Just put your gig in vacation mode. But make sure you complete any job at hand or explain to the buyers that you would not be able to complete the job.

5. Be Polite to Buyers.. When you are rude to buyers, you can easily piss some people off.

If it happens that you get a negative rating despite all this, urgently contact the buyer and request him to reconsider his/her review and ratings and try to please buyer to resolve all issues. You could guarantee to give him extra service or refund. if everything fails then there is nothing you can do. But you can avoid this situation by putting all the points above in place. Cheers

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