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Thursday, July 9, 2020

How To Identify Business Opportunities

How to Make Money Online – Detailed Tutorial

Making money is a good thing. It means you will be able to take care of yourself, your family, live a good life and be happy.

But making money is something that is not so easy to do especially in our part of the world. It’s not that easy with the bad economic situation and bad leadership. Our youths are not getting jobs even with their MSc. and all that.

So it’s really hard for most people to put foods on their table. It’s frustrating and it’s never a good thing. But one thing is for sure, if you want it so bad, you will get it; no matter what.

You don’t have to wait on anyone or the government to give you jobs or anything like that. You have to go out of your way to make it in life. You need to figure out what to do and i mean legal stuffs – nothing illegal. You have to find a way to attract money to yourself and live happy.

Once you recognize how the Law of Attraction works, using it to attract money and other forms of wealth is really simple to do – or it SEEMS like it should be simple.

Just choose what you want, imagine it, say a few announcements and watch it drop into your lap.
Whoops, it doesn’t always work that way, does it?

How do you attract money and abundance anyway? It’s very much like putting a puzzle together. All of the pieces are already there, but you need to put them together in a specific way in order to see the big picture.

If the pieces are out of place, or if you try to jam them in sideways, what happens? Nothing. It works the similar way when people attempt to attract money using the Law of Attraction – if they’re not putting all the pieces together in the right way – nothing happens.

Yes that’s life and that’s how it’s always work. Well, one way i have found to make a good living is to work online. It’s just sad that in the twenty first century, many guys/gals don’t know that’s it’s possible to make money online.

Some are doubting Thomas’s and there is something that’s just telling them not to be believe that it’s possible to make money online. Well it is and i know it because that’s what i do. I make money online and i enjoy spending it. And I work anytime i want because I am my own boss.

So How is it Possible to Make Money Online?

Yes, that’s one big question anyone that hears about online money making asks. That’s exactly what I asked somebody when I first read about this some years ago.

Knowing how that is possible will make it easy for you to understand internet marketing better and that will help you achieve your goals quicker.

How Money Flows Online

Many people wonder how its possible to make money online. Of course I was there too when I first heard or read about it. I read somewhere that you could make millions online just working 2 hours a day and I was intrigued.

I just wanted to know how and I just went to the nearest cyber cafe and I found nothing interesting. I bought some useless materials from some guys who claimed they were making millions and I lost the money.

That did not deter me though cause I just had to know how these guys were making money online apart from of course what they got from newbies like me. First I wanted to know how the money being made got online in the first place.

So I did some research myself and came up with some interesting things about how money actually flows online. Then it became clear that I wanted in and I needed to get a part of that online money.
First thing you also need to know and understand is where this money is coming from and how is it available for people to just grab and make millions just like that. If you understand this, then making money online will be a lot easier for you.

There are billions of dollars being exchanged online almost every day. How it works is so beautiful that you will want to jump in right now once i tell you how it works.

So have you ever bought things online? On Amazon, Aliexpress, Konga or Jumia? If yes, that is part of the money being spent online each day. Now if you have not spent money online before or seen anyone do it, but i am sure you browse online using Google or on Forums like Hotspot Forum or Nairaland?
At least i am sure you have a social networking account on Facebook or WhatsApp. Yeah that’s money right there exchanging hands every second online. I know you still don’t get it, but don’t worry, you will in a moment.

First let me show you my money flow chart. How money gets online and circulates. The money you and i are going to get a share of.

Well not the best mindmap but from what I designed there, you can see the various ways people and companies contribute to the flow of cash online. Everything works because people need information and need to buy stuffs.

People who contribute to the money that flows online:

1. People who need solutions to a problem

2. People who seek information
3. Advertisers who want more customers
4. People who buy goods online
5. People who need services done
6. Stocks/Options traders
7. Payment for goods & services etc.

Now every one of these sets of people – (i am sure you are a part of one of them) contribute to how money flows online. It’s either you are an information seeker and then the advertisers spend money in order to make you buy their stuffs.

On Facebook for example or Google, you see those adverts on the sidebar usually on the right? They are being paid for. It runs into billions daily. Those are advertisers trying to make you buy their goods or services.

Companies like Gtbank or UBA or Glo or MTN or Microsoft or Apple needs customers to stay in business right? Yes they do. So they find ways to bring in customers. They do that by advertising.
They spend money to outwit the other competitor just to get your attention. You one way or the other patronize them and then make them their money back a hundred fold. Yes you do, whether you like it or not. You contribute to the online money flow.

Some buy information online if the free stuff is not enough. People buy goods on Konga or Amazon and in between the companies and you, there are affiliates who get a chunk of the money spent to get your attention.

People need services done for them like design jobs or painting etc. They spend that on Fiverr or Odesk etc. You probably also pay for your DStv subscriptions or pay for one service or the other. That’s how money flows online.

Now if you really understand that concept, you should know that money flows from one party or person to the other and to the next every second of the day.

So if you can squeeze yourself somewhere in the middle, you will really get part of the money. I am right there somewhere and you should be there too.

Now i got your attention and i know you really want to know how this thing works. Yes i am going to show you everything but you must know what it takes to be a part of the system.

You see, you can get part of the money from those who seek information or be the go between, between the customer and the e-commerce sites that sell goods online. You can place yourself in the circle of those who offer services to those who need them or get part of the share of money being spent by product owners looking for buyers.

There are many ways to get yourself somewhere in there. In fact you can be part of all the systems and make money in as many ways as possible.

All these gives rise to the models of online marketing. There are many ways to make money online and i call them online marketing models. You need to understand how each model works in order to make money with any of them. (Talk about that later).

But no matter the one you want to go with, you have got to know what i call the pillars of online business. It works the same no matter what model you want to go into. It’s like the steps you need to take to go from learning to actually making it online.

I covered this pillars of internet business in detail on my personal blog and you can check that post  by clicking here

But we need to touch on it here in this report, so I will cover part of that blog post here.
Pillars of Internet Business

Now before we really go deep into this, let’s talk about the steps it takes to build an online business. I call it the pillars of internet business and i have my own steps i call the 10 pillars of Internet Business.
The business minded people will tell you that there are things you need to know and steps you have to understand before you go into business. I mean any business.

One author says business is all about the Five P’s. According to the author, the five P’s are people, planning, process, performance and profit. He is right. Business is all about people you want to sell to, the planning, the process, the performance and growth of the company.

It’s a no-brainer. Every successful business large or small must be made on a strong foundation in order to survive and thrive. Every foundation needs well-established pillars in order to sustain the weight and pressures it must support.

Most start-ups don’t have this in place and this is why over 97% of those who come online fail. They don’t realize what these steps are and then they fail. In online businesses, same things apply. But i have my own.

10 steps or Pillars to success online. They are:

1. Mental Toughness
2. Choose Right Model of Online Marketing
3. Gather Information
4. Have an Online Shop
5. Know Your Customer
6. Branding/Selling Your Brand
7. Optimizing/Targeting/Lead Generation
8. Closing sales
9. Online Reputation Management
10. Growth

These are the pillars of internet business and you need to know them as the fundamentals. Even the most diligent online marketers must not lose sight of the basics or fundamentals. These are the crucial building blocks of online success.

What matters is that you must follow a plan or else you will fail like the other over 95% who have failed to make it online and have quit.

Make sure you read the full post on that topic if you have not.

The second part is about your mindset. This is also part of the pillars I talked about in that post but I need to talk more about this here.

Now let’s talk more about mindset. I know i already pointed it out under the pillars of online business but i just need to reiterate it more here. Have you ever known anyone that is absolutely driven to succeed?

No matter what the obstacle they keep going. And in most cases it is because they have outstanding clarity on the outcome. Its all about mental toughness.

They took the time to clearly specify what it is that they wanted to do. They stopped and understand about their life and what it was that they wanted to achieve and this gave them the drive to see the task all the way to its outcome.

They are continually educating themselves and improve experience that will lead them to the goals they desire. They really understand the value of acquiring greater skill sets, which in turn gives them a confidence boost and greater self-worth.

Making money online is not simple at the start. Don’t let anyone fool you otherwise. Like remarkable athletes, one of the most important skills you’ve to develop is mental toughness.

Mental toughness comes from adversity and an ability to be comfortable with suffering. For top athletes, the ability to suffer can create a huge advantage over athletes who are merely talented. This sets them apart and make them triumph after many have quit.

Same applies to internet marketing. Even the top online earners had to survive plenty of frustrating trials and setbacks. Its the reason they are making seven figures now each month. If you are ready to hang in and fight when things are not going your way, you will make it online.

Putting it All Together

So now you know how money flows online because people now do businesses online every day. You also understand the pillars of online business plus the fact that you need a sound mindset to do it. Now what else?

Now is the time to jump in, get in, learn how it works and get a share. All you need now is to understand how money is made, the models and how each works.
Then apply the 10 pillars of online marketing to any of them and then you will be on your way to becoming the next online millionaire.

We are going to talk about the different models we have and how to make money with them. Its just like offline business, there are many ways to make money.

Top earners online combine many of these models together and that’s why they make seven figures a month.

I am doing the same but everyone started with one model. Understanding each model and finding one that one is comfortable with is really important. I don’t assume one method is superior than the other.
There are marketers who make seven figures from just having AdSense on their blog and some make same with affiliate marketing. I know people who make seven figures as well from Fiverr.
Now let me show you some methods of online income.

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