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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Increase Adsense CTR – Google Adsense Placement Tips To Improve CTR

Looking for ways to improve and increase Adsense CTR? If you want to increase the money you make online with Google Adsense, there you should definitely take note of some important Adsense placement tips to improve CTR.
There are absolutely no doubts about it – Google Adsense is the best way to earn money online in India, and around the world. By paying attention to some important placement tips, it’s possible to significantly increase the earnings potential from Adsense.
Many publishers aren’t able to make a lot of money online through this platform for a variety of reasons besides low traffic. Ad placement and presentation is an important criteria that affects the amount you make online immensely. If you want to improve Adsense CTR you need to pay close attention to these tips.
While many other factors together determine the money you will make on the Internet, the click through rate, commonly abbreviated as CTR, is definitely one of the most important. This phrase is a measurement of the number of ad clicks that result from the ads that are displayed to visitors.
For example, if you have a blog with 1000 ad impressions per day, a CTR of 2% means that 20 of your visitors clicked advertisements. Higher your CTR, greater will be your earnings from Google Adsense.
As a publisher, you should try to increase the number and improve the quality of the clicks you receive on your Google Ads to improve your earnings. The best way to increase your online income is to adhere to some fundamental Adsense placement tips that will increase your CTR dramatically in most cases.
Increase Adsense CTRIf you follow some basic Adsense placement tips you too can easily increase your Google Adsense CTR, which will then increase the total amount of money you make online.

Always place the first Adsense ad unit above the fold.
While most placement tips would tell you to place as many ad units as possible above the fold, it’s important to state that this is best for the first Adsense unit especially.
There are a number of reasons why you should place ads above the fold. Following are some of the major reasons why you should place your first ad above the fold:
The content at the top of your page will always load much faster than the bottom. This ensures that your visitors are able to see Google ads the moment your web page loads on their screens.
The first ad unit on every page receives the highest paying ads. If you place your first ad unit at the exact place you get the highest CTR, then you can undoubtedly increase your income tremendously.
No matter the layout, or the number of columns you have in your website design, placing your first advertisement above the fold ensures that your visitors don’t leave your site without at least looking at one ad.
Ad units to the left receive higher CTR.
Users on the Internet instinctively focus their attention to the left of their screens. When a user opens a new page, he/she immediately looks to the top left – this is ideally where you should place your first Adsense unit.
Since it also ensures that it’s above the fold, you can comfortably expect this unit to become the highest paying ad across your site. If you have a look at some leading blogs and websites on the Internet, you would notice this theory in practice.
The Google Adsense heat map shows the best placement options for Adsense units according to Google. Units placed above the fold to the left of web pages perform far better than most other spots.
Add some white space around your ads to improve their prominence.
Google Adsense placement heatmap
Most placement tips found online recommend keeping your text as close to the ad as possible. However, this is definitely not recommended. Not only can this be seen by the Google Adsense team as trying to manipulate users into clicking ads, but it doesn’t serve your purpose as well.
You want your audience to pay some special attention to your ads, but not enough to annoy them. Keep a little space surrounding your advertising units, but don’t overdo it either. A 5-10 px margin is more than enough white space to surround your Adsense units with.
First ad unit directly under the headline.
This is definitely one of the best ad placements for Google Adsense today. Most publishers today place at least one unit directly under the headline, yet above the fold. Not only does this guarantee a high CTR in most cases, it also ensures that your visitors click on the highest paying ads at the same time.
A 336 X 280 large square has been shown to produce the best results for most publishers. You should definitely try using this unit to increase your earnings.
Many webmasters have found placing ads directly around keywords to help improve the quality of advertisements delivered to visitors. By placing your ads directly under the headline, you can also help improve the context of the advertising that is delivered to your visitors by Google.
Place vertical ad units in narrow columns.
If you have narrow columns incorporated into your site design, then it’s definitely a good idea to place a wide skyscraper (160 X 600). These units have been known to perform quite well.
Since they appear similar to navigation links, users tend to pay more attention to them. Text ads have been known to work better than image ads when it comes to vertical units.
Placing these tower advertisements to the left has been known to drastically improve CTR in some cases. You should definitely try this placement tip in case it can increase your Adsense CTR too.
Link units under navigation bar will improve Adsense CTR.
Visitors will always look to your navigation bar if they are searching for additional information on a particular subject. The placement of a 728 X 15 link ad can really help you increase CTR.
Link units, given their ability to blend in with other links on web pages, tend to have a higher CTR than image and text ads. However, these units attract lower earnings because of many reasons, including the fact that users have to actually click twice to get to an advertisement, and for you to get paid.
Place ads in the middle of content for long pages.
If you have really long pages on your site, then it’s a good idea to place an ad in the center. This ensures that your visitors don’t necessarily exit your site without at least looking at a few ads.
Also, since there is a good chance that whoever scrolls down your page is actually reading through your content, which might very well result in a click on any relevant advertising.
Places Adsense units at the end of your content.
Once visitors are done with the current page, they look around for more content to consume. By placing your Adsense ad at the end of your page you’re showing your readers some related content in the form of advertisements.
If incorporated well, webmasters can make a lot of money through this ad unit placed at the end of the content space. It can easily improve CTR and earnings for many publishers.
Place Adsense only where readers will look for additional related content.
Initially, most bloggers and webmasters try to spam their web pages with excess advertising to increase their CTR. However, when it comes to Google, it’s difficult to continue deriving benefits in the long term.
Eventually, it will be found that you’re artificially inciting a high CTR, which in turn will definitely result in a lower CPC, and in some cases, permanent ban from the Google Adsense program.
Your aim should be to make money online, and the best, most sustainable way to do that is to ensure that you don’t get a large volume of fraud clicks that don’t convert. Google monitors conversions very strictly, and your entire earnings depends on this central fact. You need to keep this in mind while trying to improve Adsense CTR.
Sites that convert better for advertisers will begin enjoying better ads with a higher CPC and CPM rate. Those that convert badly consistently, will forever receive low CPC advertisements, or will eventually be restricted from the Adsense network.
Place text ads near listings of additional resources on your site.
Placing some link units or text ads can really help increase Adsense CTR dramatically. This shows visitors additional links where they can learn more about the particular subject they’re already interested in.
Webmasters have experienced some great improvements in their CTR with the placement of text units directly under listings of related articles, categories, popular content, etc.
If you want to improve Adsense CTR then it is advised that you pay close attention to all the tips mentioned above. These placement tips can help you improve your online earnings dramatically.
While it is widely known that the placement of Google advertising is an important factor to take into consideration with Adsense, how to maximize CTR while still retaining high CPC advertisers isn’t as easy.
While you can choose to bury your page with advertising, it will not help you make money online in the long run. If you want to earn money online that is sustainable, then these placement tips are definitely a great way to get started.
Remember, none of the tips mentioned above are set in stone. Make it a point to experiment with your own site(s) using channels to maximize your profits

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