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Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Importance of SEO for Your Affiliate Marketing Success

The Importance of SEO

The essence of any website is to get people to read it and take action on whatever you want them to do. If you have a website then you already know the significance of web traffic. Web traffic is to Internet marketing as prime location is to real estate. It’s the only thing that really matters. If you cannot generate targeted visitors to your site, you will not make any sales and that means no commission.

There are two ways to get traffic to a website – Free or Paid ways. Website traffic is driven by pay-per-click ads, social media, search engines, links on other websites and other traffic methods.

The best way to get free natural traffic to your website is to get your website on the first pages of the search engines. Millions of websites are competing to get attention on the same topic and the only way to outrank the competition is to optimize your website to get ranked.

As an affiliate, you know the current challenges of promoting your site on search engines. The focus of SEO typically revolves around creating unique content. It used to be a lot easier to generate higher rankings – even by repeating the same keywords.

However, Google algorithms are now a lot more sophisticated and are looking for content that adds value. To get good SEO results, you need to have interesting, consistently updated content.

Search engines look for different variables in order to rank websites. Search engines look at content, performance, authority, user experience amidst other variables. Top internet marketers use something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure their websites have what the search engines are looking for.

So search engine optimization or SEO is a process of telling the search engines that your website or blog is relevant enough to be ranked at the top in their search. So the objective of SEO is to get natural traffic from the search engines.

Nobody knows exactly the full variables the search engines are looking for. Only the search engine staffs do. This is kept a secret or else everyone will be playing dirty tricks just to outrank one another.

Doing some SEO tricks help get your site listed in the search engines for your chosen keyword. Lets say you have a page about “how to lose weight with diet pills” and your keyword is “diet pill”. Then it is important to build links to that page using the keyword. It is also important to find long tail keywords from your seed keyword.

Long tail keywords can be ranked more quickly and can make up the bulk of your website traffic when used properly. Finding long tail keywords can be done using a very simple tool, Google related searches or the Google planner tool.

It is also important that you link to your site via different sources. There are many places to get links from. Forums, web 2.0 sites, article directories, YouTube etc.

Although i don’t focus too much on SEO these days because its just too complicated. But its important to do basic SEO like adding unique content and getting links to your affiliate pages. Nowadays i just focus on getting traffic via other means and then hope i get listed for one of my chosen keywords on the search engines especially Google.

Some of my pages have been lucky in the past.

How to Where to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Apart from doing SEO for your website, you need to get direct traffic to your website. This is what I focus on these days apart from some new techniques (later on that). The best part of getting traffic from these sites is that you can also build links to your affiliate website at the same time.

Its like doing SEO and getting direct traffic at the same time. Below are some places to add or post your affiliate links:

This is a really simple way of getting a your affiliate links out there. All you have to do is join forums and comment on threads or open your own thread. Add your affiliate links in your signature and when people click on it and buy they make you money.

Here I need to tell you that, to get visitors who will buy, you need to join niche forums that is all about what you are promoting. If you are promoting weight loss pills, then its no use posting your affiliate links on internet marketing forums. There are many weight loss forums to join and post links to.

But the most important thing here is that you should be helpful. Its not about just adding links and hoping people will click. If you can answer people’s questions the best you can and provide solutions, they will be encouraged to click on your signature just to see what you have to offer.

You can also add the link to your money website. If the forum has dofollow links, then it helps your SEO efforts.

Web 2.0 Sites
One of my favorite Web 2.0 sites to build up powerful residual traffic, social presence, and links is Hubpages.

Although Hubpages has changed since the Google algorithm changes started. Some years back, you could almost instantly get 1st page rankings on Google, and then promote Clickbank products directly in your hub. Now everything has changed but it is still very effective for getting traffic.

Start by trying to get a Hub title/domain that matches your keyword. Choose a domain that has your keyword in it. If HubPages won’t allow you to link to a page on your money site (because it contains Clickbank links, is too promotional, or is on a topic they don’t allow) then link through to a different Web 2.0 property.

For example, if you have a Squidoo lens, you could link to that instead – and then link to your affiliate website from there. Squidoo allows affiliate links.

A site like Squidoo’s even has built-in affiliate modules such as Amazon, eBay and Cafepress. Its also a good web 2.0 to get traffic and a good place for gaining incoming links to your own money website.

Major web 2.0 sites to get traffic and build links from include Hubpages, Squidoo, InfoBarrel and Bukisa. Web 2.0 site like Ukritic actually allows you to directly place Clickbank links into your articles.

Article Marketing Sites
Article sites are good places to also get traffic from. You can write a 300-400 articles and post it on these sites with a link to your money site.

There  are tons of article sites out there but its important to choose sites that have high volume of traffic and they rank well in the search engines.  That means that when you write a optimized article for one of these sites, you generally have a better chance of getting traffic from the search engines than if you had submitted the similar article at a lesser known site.

Top article directories include, and
Please keep in mind as you visit the sites, that each one has its own set of rules and limitations.  Some permit you to post multiple links, while others allow just single in your bio.  Be sure to read each site’s rules before posting, or you risk them banning your account.

Social Media
Another good way to make affiliate sales is by posting to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can create fan pages around your products or money sites. Most times its just good to link to your money sites and not directly to the  offer page.

Although affiliate marketing is one of the simpler ways to get started. if you just get an affiliate link and start push it around social media, you will be lost out on plenty of sales, traffic, and good will with your viewers that you could gain by taking a unusual approach and creating value first.

You can get great results by delivering compelling content and then promoting your affiliate link at the end of your content. You can link to your money site with URL shortening services. Certain link shortening services do not allow you to use affiliate links so just link to your money site.

For example does not allow clickbank hop links, and several other URL shorteners do not allow this either, but the service does for now. In time they might also start disallowing this.

Another great way to get traffic to your review site is to post your links on video sites. The best video sharing site is YouTube.

You can create videos series about your niche That way you can add affiliate links into your description, or over your video, and convert some of that fan base into affiliate profits.

Success with YouTube videos comes down to keyword selection and knowing how to rank in YouTube search (long description, keywords, tags, playlists) to get the traffic to the video. Of course a good video that is engaging is better. It really makes the viewer want to click on the link when or after watching the video.

You can outsource a review of a product on Fiverr for just $5. Yes that’s what i do for my affiliate products. I promote software and money making programs, so i just buy the software and give it to a video creator to do a review for me. That’s all you got to do with YouTube videos.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the best ways to make recurring commission from people on your email list or subscribers. If you have a list, then you can continue to market products to them and get recurring affiliate commissions.

The more subscribers you have, the more commissions you are likely to make from time to time.
There are many ways to build a list. You can add a web form on your review site sidebar or buy solo ads or give out a viral eBook.

The best part of email marketing now is that you can build a list for free with a service like mailchimp. You only start paying once you have more than 2,000 subscribers.

You can also use Aweber which cost just $1 the first month. The first month gives you opportunity to build a reasonable amount of subscribers before you start paying $19 a month.

Write and Give Out a Free eBook
You can write a free eBook and insert affiliate links in it or link to your review site. If your eBook is well written and promoted, it will go viral. A “viral” product is one that is designed to spread (often quickly) to a great many people. This can be a great way of getting your affiliate links out there without ever having to create a website of your own.

For example, you can produce a short 20-page eBook or a special report on a particular subject, insert your affiliate products into it, then distribute your book through whatever means you like.
This is the best way to become an authority in your niche. You can build email list this way too.

Pay Per Click Ads
You can also Promote affiliate products directly through pay-per-click advertisements. You can buy Google Adwords and get traffic via Google partners. If the product is good with a good landing page, you can indeed make a profit at the end of your campaign.

Lets say you buy 100 clicks at the rate of $1 and you are promoting a product worth $30 commission. If you get like only 5 sales out of the 100 clicks, you would have made a profit of $50.
There are other ad networks like Bing ad networks etc.

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