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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What is On-Page & Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page & Off-Page SEO

When want to promote business on web or want to have individual website then buy a domain according to name or keywords and don't forget to care about business regional and domain extension like .com .org. info. co.in .ca .us more.. now jump to get SEO friendly website design by web designer after all move to SEO Expert who can bring more business through Internet Marketing or SEO. After analysis a website and checked all content or links need to finished On Page Optimization then move to off page optimization which help to win top 10 ranking. As we know that On Page Optimization also play very important role in optimized a website.

If you are an SEO or know even a small about SEO than you must know that there are two parts of SEO i.e. 1. On page Optimization & 2. Off Page Optimization.

These play a crucial role in optimizing a web page or a site. On Page Optimization is a technique by means of which your web pages rank higher on various Search engines like yahoo, Google MSN etc. You can read my previous post on  On page and Off Page Factors.

Features of On Page Optimization:

Title Tag : Title Tag can be 70 characters long. Every page of site has Title according to your targeted keywords. Make good and meaningful title, so that it can attract visitors.

Meta Tag Description:  Meta Tag Description can be as long as 150 characters according to Google. Keep the title smaller and description can be larger. Attractive the description about your website on SERP is, more the clicks are.

Meta Tag Keywords: If you are targeting 5 - 7 keywords for one web page and you have used in Title and Description then you can add more than 10 keywords in meta tag keywords.

Heading Tags: Use keywords in heading tag. H1 can be used only once and H2 and H3 van be used as many times as you want.

ALT Tags: Search engines do not read images without the ALT tag, you will have to add ALT tag with every image in order for the search engine to read the image with your targeted keywords.

Title Tags in Anchor Text: Make anchor text in page where your keywords has been used in content but don't forget to add Title tag in every Anchor text.

Keyword in Image File Name: If you add image in your site, the name of the image file should be any of your targeted keywords.

Keyword in Page URL: If it is not possible to register a domain with your main keyword, even with your regional extension, then in your website you can create page and use your targeted keywords in the address, for example, if your keyword is Online Marketing Blog, create page with address www.yoursitename.com/online-marketing-blog.

Sitemap HTML/XML: Create HTML and XML site map and upload it on the root directory.

Robot.txt File: If you have used duplicate content on any 2 or more pages of your website and don't want any search engine to cache it, then you can block it using robot.txt file. Create a robot.txt file and upload it on the root directory. 

Following work will help to win top 10 ranking :

Directory Submissions : There are so many free dofollow directory sites are available to submit. So,submit your site with your targeted keywords in free directory sites. Don't submit in one time, make a weekly basis task and do slowly as we know that Slow and Steady win the race :-)

Article Submissions : Submit article content in top ten dofollow article sites like ezinearticles, goarticle, articlebase, articledashboard, articlesnath, buzzle and more top sites and make anchor text on targeted keywords. it help to improve rank and build backlinks.

Article Bookmarking : When articles are submitted and get approved then will get approved link. now need to submit these links in dofollow social bookmarking sites which help to get index fast. sometime approved article link are not index so need to do like.

Forum Posting : Search niche forum sites or related to business and sign up on forum sites and stay regular member, just answer only question you know, don't spam there other wise forum admin will block. make anchor text in signature with your keywords. it will help you to build backlink and improve ranking, of courses get traffic.

Group Posting : Will help to Get more traffic through group posing and stay active member on Google Group, Yahoo Group and Bing Group. don't forget to make anchor text there.

Tagging and Social Bookmarking : Social bookmarking is better way to get traffic online and also help to get ranking on your targeted keywords. There are so many social bookmarking sites are available to submit like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Mixx, flock and more.. Just need to sign up there and start post your story.

Blog Posting : Blog should have of every business or websites to update latest news or services. whenever post new post in blog, don't forget to make anchor text on your keywords which used in blog post. Also do social bookmarking of each post to get index fast and also called blog promotion through social bookmarking.

Blog Submissions : Promote blog through blog submissions to get rank and page rank of blog. there are lot of blog directory are available to submit like mybloglog, blogcatalog and more..

Classified Ads Posting : If you sell something then better way to post classified ads in top sites. Get more sell through classified ads posting because People are going to search product in classified sites due to local classified sites and product are available. it also show on search engine result page whenever you search any product keywords.

Link Building : is better way to get ranking but be careful during build links should PR base, Theme base, Dofollow, less Out bond links on this page where your links added, always index page and Different IPs links only. If you will find contextual links will be best. Build links through link exchange, emailing and can buy links too. There are three types of link building One Way, Two Way (reciprocal links) and Three Way link, if you have 3rd site then can do three way link exchange.

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