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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Where To Find Writing Online Jobs In India To Make Money Online

Want to make money online in India writing online? If you’re looking for the best online writing jobs in India, then this guide will certainly help you earn money sitting at home without any investment

for free.

There are thousands of writing online jobs posted on the Internet everyday. However, finding the best job for yourself isn’t all that easy and straightforward.

The most important factor that you need to take into regard is where are the best jobs for writers in India available on the Internet in the first place. Once you know where to search for the jobs, you will be able to earn money writing online in India in no time.

Best Platforms For Writing Online Jobs In India

There are a number of great platforms where you can take advantage of some great jobs to make money on the Internet by writing online.

Writing online jobs in IndiaYou should definitely signup on all the platforms listed here. Make it a point to bid on your first projects immediately. That way, you too can start earning money through the Internet like thousands of Indians already are today.

Among all the freelance writing platforms found on the Internet today, Odesk is undoubtedly the best. Thousands of Indian writers already earn money online using only this site.

Odesk offers many jobs for writers, along with a diverse range of other job opportunities, including programming, marketing, search engine optimization, human resource management, etc.

If you’re serious about getting your content published on the Internet, and making money while doing so, then Odesk should definitely be your top choice, along with Elance.

Odesk is easy to signup on, and bidding on projects is quite straightforward. The longer you stay on this platform, greater will be the price you can command. Remember, nothing except hard work can help you earn money online in India.

The platform offered by Odesk is one of the best equipped for Indian writers. Besides offering employers a dedicated space to communicate with their employees, this service also guarantees that all service providers are compensated for their efforts through an effective dispute resolution system.

Among all the platform for you to find real writing online jobs in India, Odesk is definitely one of the best. You should seriously consider signing up to the service right now, and making your very first bid too.


Today, there are hundreds of platforms where you can find paying writing online jobs in India. However, not all of them are worth your time and your expertise.

Elance and Odesk are the two platforms every single Indian writer must signup to. Elance is one of the oldest freelance platforms on the Internet, and it offers writers more services than any other similar site on the Internet.

If you’re serious about writing on the Internet to earn money, then you must register on Elance as soon as possible. This site has a lot to offer Indian writers, professionals and beginners alike.

Besides offering an extensive interface to manage your projects, Elance also makes it very easy for you to search and identity new projects you would like to undertake.

Once you have found a project worth bidding on, the actual process to place a bid is quite straightforward too. It is this ease of use that separates Elance from almost every other freelance site on the Internet that offers writing online jobs in India, and around the world.

While the above two services are excellent for offering Indian writers jobs, there are a few other sites that also have writing online jobs that will help you earn money in India through the Internet.

Freelancer is one of those rare platforms where you can find high-end assignments that offer you a lot more money than what you’ll find elsewhere.

Besides offering writing online jobs in India, Freelancer.com also lists jobs and projects related to all forms of computer programming, team management and administration, online marketing, and human resource management.

Freelancer offers users a simple to understand interface that makes finding and bidding on projects very easy.

On this site you will find some great writing assignments that will pay quite well provided you fulfill the necessary requirements.

Freelancer.com is available for writers in India, and around the world who wish to earn money while sitting at home without any investment.

The Freelancer community is a great place to get to know other Indian freelancers, who like you, are looking for writing online jobs in India.

Why keep looking for writing jobs on the Internet when you yourself can create a job? If you’re serious about making money on the Internet in India then you need to take some time out to sign up to programs like Inforbarrel.

This platform is fundamentally a revenue sharing website that offers writers an impressive 75% of all the revenue an article generates.

You can write about pretty much anything on Infobarrel, and you will receive 75% of the earnings for the rest of your life automatically through Google Adsense, Chitika, and the Amazon Associates Program.

By using this service you too can make a lot of money on the Internet while sitting in the comfort of your home. Infobarrel is definitely recommended to all Indian writers who want to make money online in India for free without making any investment.

Similar to Infobarrel, Hubpages also offers writers in India the great opportunity to write online and make money in the process.

A close knit community, Hubpages is undoubtedly one of the best free options available to anyone who wants to make money writing on the Internet.

Much like Infobarrel, you will receive your earnings via Google Adsense, the Amazon affiliate program, and Chitika. You can also participate in the exclusive Hubpages Advertising program open only to Hubpages authors for free.

What really separates sites like Hubpages and Infobarrel from the leading writing online jobs platforms is the ability to earn passive income. This means that you don’t have to continue writing everyday to see your earnings increase. As your articles continue to age, your earnings will increase as a result too.

The above platforms offer Indian writers the potential to increase their earnings made via the Internet dramatically. If you too wish to write on the Internet for a living, go ahead and take advantage of one (or more) of the platforms listed in this guide for writing online jobs in India.

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